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Mainframe Training for Corporate Employees are involves learning the necessary skills and knowledge to operate, maintain, and develop applications for, especially, Mainframe computers. Mainframe computers are mainly used for large and critical applications, heavy data processing, and large-scale transaction processing. It is a important valuable course for corporate employees. Thought Process Organizations conduct them very systematically.

Core Modules Content of the Training Program by Thought Process Organisations

The core modules of Mainframe training basically cover several fundamental areas.

  • Mainframe Architecture: This module introduced the unique design of physical and logical systems in Mainframe systems. A detailed study of storage solutions, networking activities described this modules.
  • Operating System: This module covers z/OS, VM, and IBMZ systems. We noted comprehensive training on the IBM operating system, installation services, configuration, management, etc. Learn management capabilities of operating system and understand the implementation Linux on Mainframe hardware.

  • Programming Language: This module covers various programming languages such as COBOL, JCL, REXX, ASSEMBLER, etc. This programming language mainly helps business-oriented, finance-oriented, and administrative systems.

  • Database Management: This modules helps to know Database design,  SQL coding, IBM information systems, critical database management systems etc.
  • Transaction Processing: This module covers a detailed overview of CICS and IMS. Customers information control systems include a transaction server that runs Mainframe systems. Learning details about the transaction management of IMS.
  • Security: This module helps to understand managing user access and its privileges. An encryption system can help maintain systems. Data protection techniques for securing database transit are both noted in this module for increasing skill.
  • Resource Optimising: Some techniques that ensure the growth of system resources and the efficient use of system resources are available in this module. Identifying the problem and resolving it is part of these resource-optimising modules.

Practical Application:

A mainframe training course by thought process organisations helps to simulate projects and help to understand real-world scenarios to apply theoretical knowledge in the practical field.

Advance Training by Thought Process Organisations:

Thought Process Organisations conduct advanced technology in the Mainframe training field. Though process organizations provide strategic services that enhance the efficiency of mainframe operations. In-depth understanding of security measures is relevant to Mainframe systems.

Mainframe training for corporate employees

Assessment and certification:

Regular quizzes and tests are available here to progress skills. Upon completion of this course, a valid certificate will be given by thought process organisations in mainframe operations.

Continuing Education and Support:

Webinars and workshops are available here. Online and offline, both resources and expertise are available here for post-training support.


Thought Process Organisations collect feedback from participants to enhance the training programme and regularly update training content, technological advancements, etc. The training programme of Mainframe Corporate Training for Employees in the Mainframe field, ensuring their skills and keeping them ready for a competitive field.

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