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Java Language

Oracle Java is the #1 programming language and development platform. It reduces costs, shortens development timeframes, drives innovation, and improves .

One of the most widely used programming languages, Java is used as the server-side language for most back-end development projects, including those involving big data and Android development. Java is also commonly used for desktop computing, other mobile computing, games, and numerical computing.



Java Languages

Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME)

Course Description

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Sr No Course NAme Duration Audiance Delivery Description
1 Core Java 3-4 days Virtual/Class Room Programming With Java
What Is Programming ? Why We Need Programming
Simple Programs and Development environment
Various Operators
Blocks of code
Statements Or Loops In Java
Creation And Declaration Of Array In Java
Java Classes and Java Objects
Java Class Inheritance
Java Abstract Class
Java Interface
Multithreaded Programming
2 Java Full Stack 4-5 days Virtual/Class Room Basics – HTML
Angular JS
3 Node Js 2 days Virtual/Class Room Introduction to Node.js
Node.js Platform Setup
The Callback Pattern
Modules and npm
Error Handling
Connecting to Databases
4 Angular Js 2-3 days Virtual/Class Room Introduction to HTML.
Introduction to CSS.
Introduction to JavaScript.
Working with Objects.
Angular JS Basics.
Angular Expressions.
Session 8: Directives.
5 R programming 2 days Virtual/Class Room An Introduction to R.
Introduction to the R language.
Programming statistical graphics.
Programming with R.
Computational linear algebra.
Numerical optimization.
6 C++ 4-5 days Virtual/Class Room Object-Oriented Fundamentals
Built-in Operators and Control Constructs
C++ Functions
Classes and Objects
Base Class Pointers and References
Abstract Base Classes
Base and Derived Relationship
Template Functions
Exception Hierarchies
Design Pattern
7 Python 5-7days Virtual/Class Room This training provides a hands-on introduction to the Python language covering object-oriented and
functional programming techniques
Introduction to Python: What is Python? Origin and intentions. Differences to other programming languages.
Using the interactive Python shell
Editing and starting Python scripts
Fundamentals: Variables, basic data types and assignments. Operators and expressions.
Conditional Statements: The details of the if statement and the conditions
Loops: While and for-loops
Data Types: Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries
Lists and stacks
Functions and recursive functions
File Handling
Lambda Expressions
List Comprehension
Module Tests
Object Oriented Programming with Python
Python GUI’s with Tkinter or Qt (optional