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MS Project and PMP Training in India

This training programme is globally recognised by many industries. MS Projects, a perfect tool from Microsoft, is greatly used for project management, helping professionals plan, manage, and execute various projects effectively. Training in MS Projects: discovering the interface, scheduling, setting projects, managing budgets, etc. PMP projects management professional training focused on broadening and understanding project management practices; it covers planning, execution, monitoring projects, etc.

Best MS project and PMP training by thought process organisations

Thought Process Organisations offers a wide range of IT and project management-related courses, including MS Project Training. It’s a comprehensive, industry-relevant programme with a past success story. They continue their programme in depth with material and support through the certification process. They provide extensive support and resources to gain success in the PMP exam. They enhance the utilisation of MS projects with potential resource allocation. They enhance tracking progress with task progress. They offer organisational projects life cycle, processes, etc.

Course content for MS projects and PMP training by thought process organisations

1. Introduction to MS Projects: This module covers an overview of project management with concepts of MS Project Support, Project Management Activities, etc.

2. Setting a projects: This module covers that how to create a projects plan with projects date, projects set up and also introduce setting up calendars.

3. Task Management: This module covers task duration, understanding task relationships, organising tasks into phases, etc.

4. Tracking progress and resource management: This module covers how to add resources, assign resources, and manage resources. Update the task programme and know the actual progress.

5. Advance features: This module works with multiple projects, customised reports, and how to learn how to create tables and display projects on a screen.

6. Project activity: how to finish a project, finalise a project, close tasks, create reports, etc. provides these modules.

MS Project
PMP Training

PMP Training Content

  1. Introduction to PMP Certification: This module covers understanding the value of PMP certification, exam-related queries, and the and the certification process.
  2. Project Environment: This module introduced how to explore organisational influences, the project cycle, and project management systems.
  3. Project Integration Management: This module covers the outline of processes involved in project development, project work management, project knowledge integration, etc.
  4. Scope management: This module introduced how to deal with techniques such as scope definitions, validation, control, etc.
  5. Project quality management: This module covers how to identify quality management, assure quality, and control quality. Planning and estimating projects are also part of this module.
  6. Project stakeholder management: This part covers identifying stakeholders, planning strategies, managing management, monitoring stakeholder relationships, and communications during the project cycle.

Certification of MS projects and PMP training by thought process organisations

Certification of MS projects would test abilities in computing and using Microsoft technologies. Projects operate as well. Certification can be beneficial for career advancement in a project management role. A popular certification holder must earn money from professional development to maintain their certification. PMP certification is highly valued across industries and enhances project managers careers by demonstrating their management profession.