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JEE full Stack 2.0  with Angular Training in Kolkata

JEE full Stack 2.0 with Angular Training in Kolkata

Full Stack2.0 with Angular Training offers a comprehensive training schedule which designed to build robust, strong web applications efficiency, java systems and Angular frame. This training aims to not only help professionals but also manage the progress of whole software development services. Technology and tools help to develop effectiveness. Thought Process Organisations offers Devops training. They are a consulting and training company based in Kolkata,Kolkata known for a large range of IT and soft skills professionals.

A whole overview of the purpose of This training, including their procedures for the integration of software development and IT corporations. There are several important reasons why this type of training is becoming increasingly popular in Kolkata. especially this sector, which is growing, as is the IT industry.

Key objectives of JEE full stack 2.0 Angular

Primary objectives of  this training in the Organisations are improving and increasing the development of IT fields, and their impact helps to achieve faster solutions to problems. This training helps to understand students efficiency and potential so that they can explore their skills in these fields.

JEE full stack

JEE Full Stack 2.0 with Angular Training in Kolkata

Course: The JEE full stack course mainly provides the understanding and fundamentals of the of the advanced concept of JEE, learning the principles of Angular using, learning fronted technologies, and full stack applications. This training course offers practical assignments.

Course Modules: Introduction to Full-Stock Development: This module covers an overview of full-stack development and the role and technology of a full-stack developer.

Module 2: This module offers an introduction to JEE, an understanding of JSP, JPA, EJB, and Java RS. It also covers dependency injection with context and dependency.

Module 3: This module covers an overview of Angular and its development, Angular architecture, data binding, navigation, forms, and validation.

Module 4: This module offers how to create Angular projects by consuming REST, PIS,, building, and Angular application processes.

Module 5: This module covers how to handle CORS,  conduct authorization, and build web sockets.

Module 6: This module is totally based on project work-building with JEE developing strategies. CI and CD development applications.

Certification: The learner will receive certification after finishing the training by training organisations.

Certificates and Testimonials:

Certification after this course is very fruitful for every student. Students who are potentially improved by their skills are given a great chance to relish their careers in IT fields. Many programmes like CI and CD might prepare students for globally recognised certificates like AWS certificates in Devops Engineering fields, associate engineers, and certified associates.

Admission Process for Training Organisations:

Training Organisations in Kolkata  provides data on how to enrol in these programmes, including some knowledge of software development and management. They also noted their fees, entrance fees, interviews, etc.

Feedback and Review:

This training programme is very effective for students. Training, job placement rates, and skill acquisition with industrial demands are very appreciative. This training could help potential students make vital decisions.

MS Azure Corporate Training for Employees

MS Azure Corporate Training for Employees

In today’s rapidly developing technological landscape, cloud configuration has emerged as a critical element for innovation, scalability, and efficiency in business markets. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms. MS Azure Corporate Training for Employees covered employees with foundational to advanced knowledge, efficiency, deployment, and optimisation of cloud solutions. This training not only enhances technical skills but also grows strategic business. From Thought Process organisations,“ employees can also achieve certificates. Making valuable assets to the corporate world.

Overview of Microsoft Azure

MS Azure Corporate Training for Employees helps to understand the definitions and benefits of cloud computing. Various cloud services, like labs, PaaS, and SaaS, are briefly introduced here in this training program. Though process organisations provide knowledge of the basics Microsoft Azure, The capabilities of Microsoft Azure and some common uses of it in corporate environments are totally covered by this training programme.

Azure Training Modules by Thought Process Organisations

Microsoft Azure training is designed into various modules, each of which targets different roles in the corporate world.

  • Azure Fundamentals:

This module totally covers the basic principles of cloud computing and types of clouds like Laas, PaaS, etc. Azure web apps, Azure databases, Azure virtual machines, etc. have detailed descriptions. This module includes Azure security, identity services, protecting data, etc.

  • Azure Developer Training:

This module totally focuses on implementing data storage solutions, data security, monitoring data, etc. It also gave a clear idea about virtual machines, batch jobs,web applications, containerised solutions, etc.

  • Azure Architecture Training:

This module covers managing workloads, security, network configuration, hybrid connectivity, etc. Some backup strategies and data replication are also taught in this module.

  • Azure Data and AI Training:

SQL database and Cismos DB are the main learning modules of this training module. Instructs on managing relational data with Azure. This module covers Azure Synapse Analytics, HDI, etc. Various AI tools like Azure machine learning, bot services, and AI-powered applications are mentioned here.

MS Azure corporate training for employees

Customised Learning Paths:

Though process organisations provide developers with role-based training, For developers, they provide building applications. For IT professional candidates, they introduced managing and computing cloud infrastructure. Data scientists who are using analytical tools with large data may find this training helpful.

Training Methodology for Thought Process Organisations:

Very interactive learning methods have been used here for training purposes. Hand-to-hand simulation and a lab-based learning process are available here. Various workshops and live coding classes are available here for training purposes. Various e-learning tools and platforms are used here. A combination of offline and online courses is available here.

Strategy Implementation:

The training schedule and timeliness are always well maintained here. phase of the training period and ongoing training is totally smoothly included in this implementation strategy. Frequency and training sessions are also suitable for candidates.

Mentor and Trainer:

Mentors and trainers who are efficient in this Microsoft development field are involved here. The technology and infrastructure of thought process organisations are really appreciable.

Evaluation and Feedback:

Online quizzes and hand-to-hand project assignments are available here. Updating content and improving training effectiveness properly occur here.

Benefit and Outcome:

Better transformation goals, cost savings, and IT infrastructure improve with this training. It also improves cloud management and problem-solving skills.This training programme not only provides employees with training content but also provides a mastery of Microsoft Azure. Create clear ideas about their respective roles.

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V&V Automation Testing Training

V&V Automation Testing Training

V&V Automation Testing Training Focused on Selenium with Java Training for Employees

V&V Automation Testing Training on Selenium and Java is a great way to develop corporate employee skills in web applications. This vital training provides information on Thought Process organisations in their specific way.

Overview of Automation Testing

Thought Process Organisations covers this training with knowledge of the basics of what automation testing is, why it is used in the corporate field, it’s manual testing, and the advantages of this automation training.

  • A clear overview of Java programming, which is essential for Selenium.
  • Understanding the capabilities of Selenium web-based services.
  • Whole environment of selenium
  • A basic selenium introduction and how it works with web pages.

Core Content of the Training Course:

Understanding the automation testing role and its importance to software development. This document broadly describes some advantages, such as error reduction and potential difficulty. An overview of Java basics is necessary. How Selenium connects to Java is an important part of the training program. This course covered object-oriented programming concepts such as inheritance and polymorphism. Core Java applications are also a topic of this course. Understanding the role of automation and web drivers in Eclipse. How to create a web page and how to run it.

Working with Web Elements:

Some coding strategies, like X paths and CSS selectors, are learned in this course. Clicking buttons, entering text, using mouse movements, and dragging and dropping are also important actions on this ground.

Selenium Web Driver:

Handling dynamic elements, alerts and pop-ups,browser testing, configuration of multiple browsers, and understanding how to manage unexpected windows, alerts, and some strategies like how to manage AJAX elements are part of the Selenium web driver.

Selenium with Java training

Test Work and Reports:

Junit, verification, and reports are valid uses of annotations. Implementing checks and noticing valuable outcomes using tools like Extent reports, detailed tests, etc. is also part of this training programme.

POM (page object model):

Learning how structured automation scripts work by using POM strategies. This pattern enhanced the ability to continue functions in computer software.

CD and CI:

With continuous integration and continuous deployment, all codes changed to production Selenium environments. CD immediately ran Selenium with new features. CI entails automating code changes at multiple shared times per day. This function helps to detect integration errors as soon as possible. This improves software quality. All these functions are covered by “Thought Process Organisations.“.

This type of training mainly helps to enhance practical knowledge. V&V Automation Testing Training course helps you understand hands-on projects and real-world testing scenarios. This target training programme provides a comprehensive overview of Java programming, as well as the Selenium web Driver framework and Junit.

Thought Process : Learning Management System

Thought Process : Learning Management System

We Have Started Our Own LMS Now , One Can Use it for Managing the entire LMS purpose .

we thought process a leading training company in india for Corporate ,Soft skill , and Automation for Corporate and IT Companies in india developed our own LMS.

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