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SAP ABAP on HANA Training for Corporate Employees

SAP ABAP on HANA Training is the most important thing for employees, which is conducted by thought process organisations. This organisation is best suited for this programme.

Overview of This Training Programme:

Thought Process: Organisations start First, this training programme starts with training objectives. The importance of SAP ABAP on HANA Training for business growth and the approximate expected outcomes for the organisation and employees.

Course Content for This Training by Thought Process Organizations

  1. Introduction to SAP and ABAP

  • A brief description of SAP systems.
  • Introduction to ABAP and discovering the history of ABAP and its evolution.
  • Knowing about SAP architecture.

2. ABAP development environment:

  • A clear idea about SAP navigation systems.
  • Introduction to SAP GUI and ABAP work systems.
  • Briefly know about ADT systems, which focus on ABAP development tools and techniques.

3. ABAP programming:

  • Knowing about data objects, data bases, and data types.
  • ABAP programming systems and syntaxes.
  • Basic techniques
  • Various control structures like conditional statements, loops, etc.

4. Accessibility with ABAP:

  • Overview of SAP database tables and also aptimizing database access with SQL.

5. Complex data Handling:

This technique is for file handling and data transfer with working internal tables. Some reports for data display also involve this course content.

Sap Basis

6. ABAP Dictionary:

ABAP Dictionary mainly helps to search, view,lock objects, data elements, etc.

7. Advanced ABAP and Performance Tuning:

This training programme helps with ABAP object-oriented ogramming. Web-based applications like WebDynpro and ABAP are also discussed here. Workflow and management training are available in this course.

8. Case Studies and Project Work:

Handling projects and hand-to-hand learning. Real-world experience with practical application of ABAP knowledge. Case studies also include ABAP solutions and challenges.

Training methods:-

Combine this with theoretical knowledge and practical workshops. This training helps to understand real-world scenarios and case studies. Interactive sessions with SAP HANA developers and expertise.

Schedule and Duration:-

Assessment and feedback periods are available here. Also a maintained deadline for training sessions. The duration of each module is separate.

Target Audience:-

process organisation to ensure effective learning and give the best potential training to the learner.


Training Outcome:-

Skill and career to be developed after this training programme by thought process ganizations Post-training support and continuous learning opportunities are available here.

Training Facilitators by Thought Process Organisations:-

Trainers have expertise in SAP HANA. Pedagogical strategies are employed by trainers. Support the team technical assistance.

Resources for Thought Process Organisations:-

Thought process organisations supplied the required materials and technological tools. Access to SAP environment handling practices.

Enrollment and registration:-

Enrolling in this course within the deadline and paying the fee by any online method.

Post-training Support by Thought Process Organisations:-

Availability of continuing learning and any queries. Communication and interaction are really appreciated.

This policy offers a great approach to designing a corporate training programme for SAP ABAP to enhance employee skills.

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