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Why Us

Thought Process is a leading company in Corporate & Public Trainings based at Kolkata.

  • We have highly qualified faculty with 10 to 25 years of industry experience working in multitechnology, multivendor, multi-network environments.
  • Case Study based learning. Hands-on experience with industry standard.
  • Flexible approach - Client site offerings for all courses.
  • Wide range of offerings - Information Technology, Project Management, Soft Skills and Management development programs.
  • Follow up discussions, meetings and email support to provide continuous support to participants.
  • Availability of adequate number of trainers to suit your training dates and course customization according to the need of the professionals.

Our Methodology

Create an organizational road map that sets goals for best practices in Project Management

Collect data on performance and practices

Integrate the use of technology in carrying out business processes

Benchmarking the objective to find examples of superior performance and to understand the processes and practices driving that performance

Adapt and implement the best practices, setting reasonable goals and ensuring company-wide acceptance

Provide long-term support for sustenance & improvement of performance